do you want to sleep better?

Feel Cooler Mattress Pad

our original cooling Mattress pad

Our original cooling mattress pad. Crafted with temperature regulating technology to help ensure a better and cooler nights sleep.

Feel Cooler 2 Mattress Pad

FC2 - with Twice the cooling power

Do you really sleep hot? Got one of those memory foam mattresses? try this.

I don’t want to say it's science ...
but it’s science.

I mean it simply does what it does.

Our mattress pads are made with "Phase Change Materials" - PCM for short. These new fangeled, scientifically created fibers and coatings are similar in functionality to ice cubes - but without the wet.

Ice cubes "change phase" when you hold them - they absorb your heat and melt. Our materials absorb your heat, but unlike ice cubes, when your temperature goes down, then they release that stored heat back to you.

And why do this? Well - by absorbing, storing and releasing some of the heat you generate, the fabric is actually responding to your changing skin temperature. This response helps assure you get a better - and cooler, more stable - nights sleep.

Unconditionally guaranteed

We guarantee our products will help you sleep better.

We tell our sellers - we back our products. That means, if your not happy - for any reason - send it back to the place of purchase withing 30 days and they will refund your purchase price!

We don't just say this technology works - we know it does. So if your not happy, we'll reimburse the distributor. Thats how sure we are.

We take the risk - you try sleeping for up to 30 days from delivery!